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Product Details

  1. High 40A coil capacity- able to handle those high current applications with ease
  2. Heavy-duty impact molded relay socket with 5 WIRES
  3. Interlocking relay sockets
  4. Hundreds of uses include- starter kills, domelight supervision, trunk release, polarity change,power door lock/actuator control, change a low current output to high current,add ignition/accessory outputs, control motors/other electronics, It is Also suitable for automobile used for control, alarms, horn, headlight and more....
  5. Package Include: 1X Relay /1X Relay Socket Wire

Connection Method:

The relay on the back side of the mark 85 and 86 power supply positive and negative pole (does not distinguish between positive and negative poles)87 and 30 need to control the equipment;
pin 30 to (positive);pin 85 to (ground); pin 86 to(switch) ;pin 87 to(light)

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02 February 2015
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